Julia Montrond grew up in New York City immersed in many of the arts: theatre, dance, voice, and painting. She studied dance with Martha Graham and Maria Tallchief; performed as an actress at The New School in Greenwich Village and Off-Broadway, as well as majoring in theatre at Hunter College. She studied art in N.Y.C., visiting the many museums over and over; U.C. Berkeley CA; C.C.A.C in Oakland; and numerous studios in the Bay Area. Having taught and lived on five continents, her sensibilities are multicultural. She has practiced her art in Seville, Spain; Guanajuato, Mexico; and most extensively in Florence, Italy. Currently residing in Berkeley, CA , her paintings have received awards in numerous venues. Some artists she most admires include Caravaggio, Turner, Sergeant, and most of the Impressionists. She enjoys creating different moods in her painting, as well as the joy of working with color. Working largely in watercolor, she also works in pastel and mixed media and experimental media. One of her stated goals in art is to find the magic in ordinary things, and to create art that evokes in the viewer a personal interpretation.